It’s the holiday season!


Wow! It has been a busy start to the season here! When I started this business, it was a fun side hobby as I was a full-time teacher, so I have never really experienced a busy season as a calligrapher. But since I’ve been in the process of making this my full-time job and investing more time and energy into this, I’ve been surprised by the amount of work that has begun to come my way! So if you have ordered anything from me this holiday season (or are reading this blog), THANK YOU for your support. It has been so encouraging. I know I still have so much to learn and so far to go, but I’m really starting to feel pumped about the possibilities of growing this little business of mine! Probably the biggest surprise is the amount of interest in my calligraphy starter kit.

I put this together for workshops that I held this fall, and decided it might be nice to offer it in the shop. A month later, and it was my best seller! What?! I’ve had so much fun packing these up and having conversations with the people who are getting them for their friends for birthdays and Christmas. Fun fact: I first started calligraphy when I received a book and some pens from my mom and brother for Christmas when I was 14! So I love that people are giving the gift of calligraphy to others too. Has anyone else noticed how much calligraphy has just exploded in recent years?? It’s everywhere!!!! So many talented people are making this art “cool again” and I love that it’s being appreciated! (Makes me feel like one of the cool kids for once, ha! I liked it before it was cool!)

Besides the kits, I’ve had some custom orders for envelopes and Christmas gifts, and I’ve been working on some stuff for the Holiday Bridal Show happening here in town later this month. Aren’t these stickers fun?


For more of my recent work, check out my Instagram! I post over there pretty frequently. As for this site, I’m planning to post a little bit of everything, depending on where this business takes me over the next year, soΒ I hope to connect with you along the way! Have a very Merry Christmas, take some time to rest amidst the craziness, will you?

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