Hey 2017 Brides!


Gearing up for 2017 wedding season and I’m so looking forward to meeting new brides! Weddings are fun. I still look back on my wedding day as one of the sweetest days of my life, though now that I’ve had a baby it’s no longer in the top spot. 😉 I waited a long time for our big day, and the anticipation and planning was such a big, crazy, exciting time…but to be honest, it was also pretty stressful! I was in college, working on multiple degrees, working multiple jobs, and we also had to find a place to live on top of planning the wedding so it was a busy busy 6 months of being engaged. Thankfully I had been planning it on Pinterest and in my head for years, so that helped, and my mom handled a lot of the logistics while I texted back and forth with her between classes. Ironically, I didn’t have much calligraphy at our wedding. We were DIYing most of the wedding and I hadn’t started doing wedding calligraphy yet…it was still pretty much just a hobby that I rarely had time to practice with everything else I had going on at the time! My mom and I addressed all my envelopes at the kitchen table with our best cursive writing, my brother and sister-in-law designed and printed the invitations (which were so beautiful), and I wrote on a lot of chalkboards and wood signs, but it was all very simple and low key. I loved every detail though! Here’s a few pictures, because love…haha.

While I’m sure my wedding would have looked much different if I knew then what I do now about calligraphy, I like looking back and seeing both the sweetness of the simplicity and also how much I’ve learned since then! I have loved getting to work with brides since my own wedding day because I know what an exciting, but also overwhelming, process it can be to plan a wedding, especially in the Pinterest and Instagram age of perfection we’re in. A lot of pressure is put on one day, right?! I’m always so honored when a bride trusts me with anything she uses for her wedding day, and making those special details is so fun. Since I was the first of most of my friends to get married, I’ve gotten to do calligraphy for all of their weddings so far and it’s cool to see how differently they incorporate it and how it reflects their wonderful personalities. I guess that’s the special thing about wedding calligraphy. It tells a story, sets the atmosphere, makes details beautiful, all while being functional! Win-win-win!! If you have some calligraphy ideas for your big day and want some help (because let’s face it, sometimes there’s just too much else to do!) shoot me a message and let’s chat! If you saw above, I’m giving a pretty sweet deal to the first ten brides that book for this year, so maybe that will help it be more in reach if you weren’t so sure about making the investment. If you’re a DIY bride like I was, I also sell a calligraphy starter kit on my Etsy that will give a you a good little crash course in doing it yourself along with some of my favorite tools. If you’re in the Indy area, I do workshops occasionally, so check my Facebook page for updates on those!


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