Maker Life

Preparing for Brick Street

So I made the crazy decision to buy a booth space at a local street fair in May. Brick Street is a long-standing art fair in Zionsville, Indiana that I honestly know very little about, but I’ve heard good things so I (rather impulsively) decided to give it a shot. This will be my very first art fair as an exhibitor and I’m not gonna lie, it’s nerve-wracking! Since I make most of my products to order based on custom requests, I don’t usually make a lot of “on-hand” work. Which means between now and May 20, I have a lot of art to make. It’s been good so far though, I need an excuse to just sit and make new stuff, plus it’s a chance to make art that is just whatever I come up with, rather than based on someone else’s specifications. I know I’m going to be doing quite a few large home decor pieces on wood and canvas, which I love making, but this past week I’ve been working on potential designs for prints and maybe functional products (like printing on mugs and bags and such).

To be completely real here, I struggle to come up with really original stuff. I sit in front of paper or my tablet completely and utterly blank for a long time before I even attempt to put a line down, and even then sometimes I break down and scroll through the internet hoping for some spark of inspiration. Especially with calligraphy, since it is not just images but words, I just don’t know what is worth writing! Please tell me I’m not the only one, ha! Doing this now for my income adds another layer of difficulty when it comes to being creative, because I’m always thinking at the back of my mind “Will anyone want to buy this?” And then usually I think they won’t and then it gets scrapped or sits in my Etsy shop unbought for an embarrassing amount of time. But you know, that’s ok. It’s a learning process and being creative sometimes means you come up with bad ideas along with the good ones.

Back to the point though, I’m working on lots of ideas for pieces to sell in my booth and here are a few that I’ve come up with so far!

My plan is to just make and make and make until I’m out of ideas and/or time, and then pray people like some of it enough to buy it at the fair! That’s a solid business strategy, right?! πŸ˜‰ If you are in the central Indiana area, come see me on May 20! Tell your friends!

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